Hashicorp Vault


helm repo add hashicorp https://helm.releases.hashicorp.com
$ cat config.yamlserver:
nodeSelector: |
node-type: vault
$ helm install -f config.yaml vault hashicorp/vault
Kubernetes label “vault” would match-up the nodeSelector

Starting up

Using Vault

Choose KV
Provide a Path to the newly created KV Secret Engine. Make sure to choose version 2.
Now that `mypath1` is created, we are ready to add secrets
Created a secret named `path` and I am using JSON values on it.
curl -H "X-Vault-Token: $VAULT_KEY" localhost:8200/v1/mypath1/data/path1 -s | jq
REST API to access my secret. Note, I am using `VAULT_KEY` from my “initial root token”
I have added a “userpass” as a new authentication method
curl localhost:8200/v1/auth/userpass/login/test_user -d '{"password": "test"}' -s | jq
Generate a client token for a naive “userpass” based auth
path "mypath1/*" {
capabilities = ["create", "read", "update", "delete", "list"]
Create an entity that enables a client token to allow access to secret



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